Question 1 – Jan ’16 Query Effectiveness

To further accountability, transparency and effectiveness of the council I asked: Has the Council any system in place for measuring the effectiveness of the Councillors query (rep tracking) system across departments? For example, what awareness is there of whether certain departments are performing in terms of engagement with and resolving or closing queries? Or after […]

Motion 1 – Jan ’16 Breakdown of Arts Commissions

In the interest or transparency and accountability the following motion was submitted: That the Council provide a breakdown of any or all commissions that the Arts section has either awarded itself or been asked to consult on awarding, giving the name of applicant and/or company name and the value of the commission in the Kildare/Newbridge […]

Motion 2 – Jan ’16 Melitta Road

Following concerns from residents, I visited the works on Melitta Rd, Kildare Town and submitted the following motion. Can the Council give outline the reasons for such an extreme narrowing of the entrance to Campion Crescent and Maryville estates on the Melitta Road and apply yellow boxes to the entrance of the Maryville and Kildare […]

Motion 3 – Jan ’16 Pedestrian Crossing for Athgarvan Road

Another issue raised by residents while canvassing along the Athgarvan Road, Kilbelin and Curragh Grange formed my first motion in January. That the Council proceed with the pedestrian crossing on the Athgarvan Road near the Gables Guest house to facilitate the hundreds of pedestrians crossing from the Kilbelin, Liffey Hall and Curragh Grange Estates. Report: […]

Question 4 – Jan ’16 Waterworks

While canvassing I discovered constituents had issues with their tap water and this informed my second question at January’s Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District: That the Council explain the reason for the discoloured water in Curragh Grange on the night of January 7th. Report: Waterworks crew turned off the watermain last Thursday (7th January 2016) to carry […]

Naas Hospital News

I can announce that the Minister is to fund an extra 11 beds for Naas Hospital immediately as soon as nursing staff can be recruited. Following the launch of Family Fun Fitness last night, I had the opportunity to speak to the Minister for Health about Naas hospital, the situation in the emergency department and […]

Canvassing Blog- Jan 13th, 15th 16th

January 13th Thank you to residents of the Oaks tonight for your time discussing local and national issues. Once again crime came up on the doors. CSO figures last October showed there had been a surge of burglaries in Kildare and the Dublin Eastern division. The number of break-ins in both divisions was up 34% […]