Council provide evidence that the Kildare-Newbridge MD gets a fair share of the budget

My second motion at today’s (16th Nov) MD meeting;
That the council provide evidence for Councillors to support its argument that the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District overall gets a fair share of the budget despite its Municipal District budget being lesser than in other districts.
Report Issued by E Hanlon, Head of Finance: The draft municipal district budget for the Kildare-Newbridge Municipal District for 2017 is €1,241,103; this is the second highest draft budget for a municipal district. Traditionally rating town councils had larger budgets than non rating town councils and at the time of the merger of town councils commitments were given that the level of service in those rating town council areas would not be reduced during the lifetime of the current council. In 2014 there were town charges applied to rated premises within the Newbridge Town Council area of €150,000. In 2015 with the change in legislation and the merger of the Town Councils the “town charge” on rated premises in Newbridge was discontinued and the council lost this income. Conversely the rate charged in Naas and Athy was increased, generating additional income in the former Naas Town Council area of €182,000 and the former Athy Town Council area of €122,000. Meanwhile the Council maintained within the relevant section of the budget all the headline areas of spend as agreed in the 2014 budgets.
We have not reduced any of the spend areas since 2014 and have where possible increased spend. To be open and transparent the draft municipal district budgets are prepared and circulated to the members showing the figures for all municipal districts.